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  • Author: Rag Doll
  • Published: 03.04.2011 14:08
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begenning of my rpg

(history and extra stuff is at the bottom, please read it before posting)
Brief history:

Rule 1) you may only have 3 characters. If one of your characters dies, you may make a new one. But don't randomly go around killing your characters so you can make new ones.

Rule 2) You may only have one character from each species. In other words, you can't have two of the same things.

Rule 3) three people must sign up before we start. (Me included)

Rule 4) no god-modding, or power playing. And you may only hurt/kill a user's character if they say so. However, if the user is taking to long to respond, and all the other characters are moving away, another character may drag along the first character.

Rule 5) in the sign ups you must put the word "muchness" or your sign up will be deemed invalid by-----me.

Rule 6) Post the clan/type/city in which your characters are/live under species.

There are four types of elf, different clans of which are usually made up of the same type elves, and different cities in which all kinds live.
Elf types:
Dunur- Elves who love plants, and can sing to plants and make them grow best. They usually wind up living in the middle of forests and such.
Eflin- Elves who enjoy water. Most are more skilled in gentle magic, or anything related to water. It is usually ease to make a sapphire ot of water for them.
Vernax- Elves who see more beauty in the pelt of a bear, or fang of a wolf. Great animal lovers, and sometimes adapt their shape to their liking and make themselves look like animals. Some can transform into animals.
Scarg- This is not really a's the kind of elf who's parents have been from two different types. Or Scarg's offspring is also Scarg and all their children are everafter.

Elf Clans:
Marfv- Mainly Dunur from the family line of Ashing.
Gelog- Mainly Eflin from the family line of Dandur.
Harsl- Mainly Vernax from the family line Moosh.
Frotan- Scarg clan for the offspring of Maloon (Eflin) and Mazr (Dunur).
Wiffil- Mainly Eflin.
Zaplin- Mainly Vernax.
Illiad- Mainly Vernax.
Yorsha- Scarg for all mixes.
Marnin- Mainly Dunur.

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