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I love reading more than you. No, there is no way you like it more than me.
And I was actually born in 999. But the birthday thing won't go that far back.

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Zeoe left Ruine at the door, knowing she would wait. She pushed open the door nervously. "I'm Zeoe." She said. "I'm looking for Halegas."

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you should probably change the link on the actual D/Y site then.

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Zeoe pushed Ruine harder than she would have a normal horse. Finally they reached the boarders of Minas Tirith. It truly was beautiful. She dismounted and lad Ruine to the city guards."Hail, friend." She called to one. "Do you know where I might find Halegas?" The guard nodded. "Aye. He lives in a house a bit more that ways." and pointed. Zeoe nodded her thanks and sprang onto Ruine's back and rode to the house. She jumped off and knocked on the door.

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Zeoe pushed Ruine hard, they rested only every other night. Any normal horse would have fallen from exhastion. Ruine did not. She kepted running until Zeoe told her to stop. She was a good, strong horse. Zeoe once again thanked the powers that be for her luck in finding Ruine. She knew she would have to ride hard to get to Gondor. People would only wait so long until they started a venture. She stopped only a few times.

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Sat May 21, 2011 12:33 pm | jump to post

Zeoe reveled in the ride of her mare. She was beautiful, and her gait was smooth. She decided to name her Ruine. Zeoe had ridden all that night, and hours into the morning. She stopped to have breakfast and discovered that most of her food was gone. Zeoe scowled. Next time she should pay more attention. She had a few coppers, enough to get her some cheese, bread, and mead. Then she'd have to wait for night to raid. Zeoe clambered on Ruine's back once more and ate her handful of stale br...

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Zeoe put away her dagger. She felt the urge to move. Something was pulling her towards Gondor. But she was yet a bit away. She needed a horse. Shouldn't be to hard to find one in Rohan. She packed her food and stood up, pulling her staff through her hands. She loved wood. She moved towards the next town. They had fine stables. She hoped she could find a horse as good as the famed Shadowfax, but that was doubtful. She made good time to the town. She climbed a tree on the outskirts and...

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Zeoe's tongue was sticking out of her mouth as she concentrated on the fox's eye. The gasped as the dagger slipped out of her hand, slashing across the wood and cutting open her thumb. Zeoe swore under her breath, relishing being able to say whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. She cast a small spell to mend the small cut. She observed her staff. She enjoyed it when the dagger slipped and cut a wrong line. It made her think of a way to carve something out of her mistake. She felt the ...

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Zeoe slunk through the forest, Her white mallorn staff in hand. Sometimes it slowed her down, but more often then not it served her well. Wizards had staffs, and Zeoe found hers useful not only for directing magic, but for bashing heads in. It was strong. She sat down on a stump far away from whatever city she had seen earlier. She took some dried buck meat out of her satchel and ate it with water. When she had finished she picked up her staff and set it in her lap. She pulled her jeweled...
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Oh, foo. okay.


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