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Name: Eleglas

Race: Rohirrim ( Man )

Gender: M

Age: 30

He is a very rough person but also very dashing and attractive. He has a little facial hair but he shaves it often, he also has a slight limp.

Brief History:
Eleglas was raised in Rohan, he learned to ride before he learned to even walk. His parents tought him everything about traking, hunting, fighting, cooking..etc He got a message from the King in Minas Tirith that they need some heros/huntsmen for a journey, A journey to retake the lands of Middle~Earth.

Expert riding skills, he is able to ride and shoot extremly well. He can also track and hunt very well.

Occupation/Rank (Just put N/A if you have none.): King's Guard in Rohan.

Quiet but very smart and quick thinking.

Short but powerful bow, two shorts swords and a meduim size shield. Will change during RP.

Rohan and Mina Tirith.

Other: A small satchel, sleeping bundle, fire making kit, a knife..etc and his horse Falgus.

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RE: Eleglas

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by Doruin | 60 Posts


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