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Winston, i decided to look for a new species from LOTR and i found this:

The Silvan elves were notably of Nandorin background who descended from the followers of Lenwë who were fascinated by the landscape and it features of the lands East of the Misty Mountains, and followed the Great River down into south and beyond. Many centuries later, they reappeared and spread themselves throughout the regions between the Misty Mountains and the Blue Mountains. Later, they appeared in the Beleriand under the leadership of their only king Denethor and were allied to Thingol, the King of Doriath. When Morgoth attacked the Beleriand, Denethor was killed and his people suffered heavy causalities and later became a secretive people throught out the rest of the First Age.

When the Beleriand was lost, the Silvan elves that survived rejoined their kindred east of the Misty Mountains and over the ages and gradually became citizens of the Elven realms of Lórien and Greenwood the Great or later Northern Mirkwood, or were at times wanderers.

Can my character be one?

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Ahh very nice. I was going to include them but decided not too, I didn't you'd want to be one. Yeah you can make one. Just be sure these names are not from the War of the Ring (Denethor, that was Denethor the first not second.) Rememeber though Silvan elves are very uncommon so not to much communication with other silvan elves.

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Okay, thanks.

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Sure. I will add it to the race list.

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Name: Tácino

Silvan Elf

Gender: M

Age: 1,500 Years

Appearance: Regular elf..silvery hair and deep, dark eyes

Brief History:An orphan, ---------- was raised in the presence of royalty(king, queen) and is cursed to be pledged to them and their fate. Never having any promise of heritage, ---------- lived with the family solely because if he left, they might die and so would he.

Abilities: The elves are blessed with the ablilty to see extremely far and can easily tell a sparrow from more than 3 leagues away, and also track amazingly.

Occupation/Rank (Just put N/A if you have none.): N/A

Personality/Characteristics:wise, awesome fighter

Weapons:bow, dagger, saber

Friends/alliances: Lothlorien, Rivendell, Grey Havens


(i hope this makes sense...i will edit it tomorrow)


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