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Karcil rode at a slow, steady pace as he directed his course to Minas Tirith; The white city. On the second day of this journey, a messenger rode by close to his camp. He hailed him, and the messenger gladly joined him for a meal at the campfire. "So, where 'ya headed?" the messenger asked of Karcil."Minas Tirith. I saw a notice for a party being led by someone named Halegas to dispose of the rest of Saurons' vile servants.""Oh! Then you may be interested in the message I bear then!" The messeng...

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Karcil stayed that night with the elves. The next morning, A messenger arrived, leaving a notice with the elves. When Karcil looked, he read:NOTICE: Heroes and Warriors needed in the white city of Gondor. To form a party and dispose of the remnants of Sauron's evil servants. Halegas will be leading this party. Report to him if you wish to join.He made his mind up then and there. I'm going He thought.

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Ok. I really like the scenario though.
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Karcil had killed or mortally wounded at least fifteen Orcs before they even realized what was happening. The distraction of Karcil had caused them to lower their shields momentarily, leaving them open to the Elven archers. The arrows rained down on the Orcs, and many fell. By the time they had lifted their shields once more, there were only about twenty of them left standing. The Orcs were forced into a tight circle, some protecting from Karcil, the others from the archers. There were not enoug...

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Karcil was walking through the barren Iron hills. He had an arrow on the string, and was on full alert. He was leaving the Iron hills, because of the dangers that lurked there. True, no one could come to him, but he was tired of the sleepless night he spent, on constant watch for danger. "Come on Belgold." He said in a low voice. A small, brown, shaggy horse trotted to him slowly from behind a small hill. Karcil quickly mounted him, and they rode out of the Iron hills at a full gallop. He found...

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Thank you.
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Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:10 pmKarcil


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